Handmade Pasta

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eggs + flour + salt

That's all it takes to make a good pasta. The quality of the flour is important, and the quality of the eggs is fundamental. 

That's why Tamboli Produce Co. uses eggs from home-raised pastured, happy hens. We know the eggs are good because we raise the chickens. And when we don't have enough eggs for our pasta, we only supplement from responsible local farmers who raise their hens the way raise ours.



Seasonal Specials

  • We highlight the best of each season with specialty flavored pastas that reflect what's currently growing, and can help you pair these excellent pastas with fresh ingredients that will give you a taste of the season's best.

Past & future flavors include:

  • Sun-dried tomato
  • Roasted heatless Habanada pepper
  • Fresh cayenne pepper
  • Squid ink
  • Mushroom (made in collaboration with our friends at Bluff City Fungi)
  • Italian herb
  • Spinach
  • Lemon & black pepper
  • Grano Arso


  • The standard. Long, thin, cylindrical strands can be paired with almost any sauce. Make a fresh tomato sauce from scratch or stay classic with spaghetti and meatballs.


  • "Little tongues" in Italian, this pasta's a little thicker than spaghetti, and can be paired with a thicker sauce. Try it with a simple cream sauce.


  • Miles' favorite long pasta. Thin, wide noodles have a silky texture and are paired best with a simple sauce like olive oil with garlic & fresh herbs, or with light seafood.


  • Wide, thicker noodles go great with alfredo sauce or ragu. A good choice for folks who like their pasta al dente.


  • Miles' favorite short pasta. Casarecce just looks cool. Its twisted, rolled shape holds onto light smooth sauces well. Traditional pastaiolos would tell you not to put pesto on your pasta, but pesto is delicious and works well with casarecce. Or live large and make mac'n cheese with it.


  • A Renaissance pasta. Rigatoni thrives with just about anything. Hearty sauces, pasta salad, soups, or baked dishes.

Mezzi Rigatoni

  • Mezzi Rigatoni is Rigatoni cut to about 1/3 the length of our standard Rigatoni. Its shape allows the pasta to hold onto more ingredients than the standard variety, so feel free to load up on your meats and veggies.

Angel Hair (Capellini)

  • An exceptionally fine noodle, Angel Hair is perfect for thin, fine sauces. Try it with olive oil, garlic and basil or make a brothy well-herbed soup.

*subject to availability



On a visit to the tiny town of Marzocca, origin of the Tamboli line, Miles Tamboli had a realization - pasta is more than just a vehicle for sauce. Fresh pasta made with eggs - not water - can be the centerpiece of an exceptional meal. Fresh pasta has flavor, texture, nutrition, and character. It changes with the weather, with the hands that shape it, and with the investment made in doing something simple as well as it can be done.