Whether you want to start a farm-focused or entrepreneurial youth program, enhance your personal business, build a home garden, start a garden at your workplace, or host an engaging event, Tamboli Produce Co. can help. We provide a free initial consultation and ongoing support at a fair rate.



  • 8 years experience in specialty crop farming
  • Entrepreneurship & program startup - 5 farms, 3 youth programs
  • Board Member: Memphis Farmers Market, K-12 Ag. Education Roundtable, Food Advisory Council for Memphis & Shelby County
  • Strong network with Mid-South farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, farmers markets, restaurateurs, and non-profit professionals


Business Planning

  • Financial planning
  • Pricing
  • Farm-to-market & wholesaling

Crop Planning

  • Planting calendars
  • Production calendars
  • General weekly/monthly schedules

Land Management

  • Field preparation
  • Soil fertility management
  • Weed & pest management

Facilities Planning

  • Produce wash & processing
  • Storage & cooling
  • Irrigation design

Staff Training

  • Field preparation
  • Planting
  • Crop management
  • Harvesting
  • Processing

Youth Program Design

  • Setting expectations
  • Cultivating stewardship
  • Reaping the bounty

Value-Added Enterprises

  • Beekeeping
  • Poultry
  • Processed foods

Sustainable Practices

  • For you
  • Your team
  • Your farm
  • Your environment
  • Your business


  • Speaking arrangements and on-call advice rates are fair and negotiable based on the project
  • Special pricing available for long-term projects
  • 50% community discount for non-profit & service organizations
  • Public speaking or private workshops upon request